I don’t know what I would have done without Funke for Inspired by Dodo. Her expertise really played a huge part. Amidst her busy schedule, and I mean busy, we were able to make this book reach as many people as we have, from Lagos to Kaduna, to Tanzania, and the US and still reaching for more.

I remember at one of our meetings, thinking of a host for the book launch, and she said “Hold up Guys, why am I here?”, and boy, it was an amazing and professional experience with her.

If you are reading this post, heard about “Inspired by Dodo”, or have gotten a copy of the book, then it was possible because Funke Oshin led the PR for this project. And there’s still more to come this year.

Inspired by Dodo, premised on our shared experiences of adulthood and shared love for Dodo is written to help you become conscious of certain mindsets that make the journey a stressful one, and offers alternative ways of managing mental stress. And the feedback has been so humbling.

Funke, I’m grateful.

Funke Oshin Ayotunde is a PR Expert and Lead Publicist of Phero Media, a Public Relations firm dedicated to elevating Brand’s visibility. She is passionate about projects that enhance Brands’ visibility through involvement in Media Relations Strategies, Communications Strategies, and Digital marketing. She is also a content creator, video editor, and YouTuber.

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