In our quest to maximize our potential and live our lives to the fullest, we struggle between what is acceptable to society and soul satisfaction/personal gratification. In trying to strike a balance between these two extremes, our mental health suffers. This invisible battle that goes on in our minds often affects our mental health. For some, the longing of their souls has been entirely silenced and as a result, have become comfortable with a perpetual state of unhappiness.

This classic masterpiece by Olalekan Owonikoko does a great job of exposing one of man’s age-long hidden enemies, if not the greatest enemy waging war against the realisation of man’s full potential. The author’s use of his favorite meal and the satisfaction derived from eating it metaphorically paints a picture of what is truly possible when we identify the activities and things that bring us the most relief and fulfillment. This also explains why many people embrace the status quo, rather than what would make them live a life of impact.

There is no better way to say it than how the author, Imisioluwa, puts it, “You need to identify and acknowledge those simple activities that bring you relief and create a ritual out of them”. Take responsibility for your life and who you become on a daily basis. Never allow the echo of societal norms and expectations to make you deny your soul the true happiness and satisfaction it deserves. You need to embrace those things that make you feel alive. This book by Olalekan Owonikoko will make you see how you can take simple daily steps towards making that a reality. It is a must-read for everyone and anyone who desires to be free from mental captivity. Congratulations Olalekan Owonikoko and thank you for doing humanity this invaluable favour.


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